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At Brimoto TSW we offer a professional installation service for all our products. From battery chargers to satellite dishes we fit them all.If you are looking for a reliable Towbar for your vehicle which will last for years, then why not give us a call on 0151 355 9811 for a quoteWe stock a wide ange of Motorhome, Caravan & Narrowboat accessories for your every need, from the worlds leading manufacturers


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The Brimoto TSW Comsat team are dedicated to provide you with the best deal for your Motorhome Satellite System, Caravan Satellite System or Narrowboat Satellite System. All of the products we sell have been installed by our engineers and you can rest assured that they are backed by our personal recommendation. If you choose to purchase a Caravan satellite, Motorhome satellite or Narrowboat satellite from us we ensure that a qualified engineer is to hand to advise you when fitting your equipment, if needed. TSW Comsat always stock the top brands such as Camos, Alden, Kathrein, Oyster, Neta, KVH and Crystop Autosat to ensure you always have a wide selection of satellite systems to choose from.


In addition to our comprehensive range of satellite systems we allso offer many other Caravan accessories, Motorhome accesories and Narrowboat accessoroies such as battery chargers, solar panels, and 12v Din and Lighter type sockets. We have built up a range that we are happy to recommend due to using the products on our installations.


If you require any assistance outside our office our, please contact us via the Contact Form Here.

Please make sure to put your telephone number on the form in order that we may call you as we are sometimes in the office outside normal working hours.

If you are a customer and have already purchased goods from us then, please use the mobile number provided on the invoice.

Caravan Satellite System

The caravan satellite system is different from that used on the motorhome or narrowboat. The main reason for this is that the unit must follow a few guidelines.

  • The caravan satellite system needs to be smaller in size
  • The satellite system needs to be light weight in order not to damage the vehicles fragile roof.

You must ensure that you keep this in mind when choosing a caravan satellite system.


NarrowBoat Satellite System

If you are thinking about purchasing a satellite system for your narrowboat, we advise you of the following facts.

  • A Narrow Boat Satellite system needs to be quite small. This is due to the pitch of the boat.
  • A Satellite system for a narrowboat can be either be a fully automatic satellite system like the Dome satellite system
  • or a manual system like the Multimo satellite system.
  • If you would like any advise about the best system for you. Please contact us and we will do our best to advise you.

MotorHome Satellite System

If you are the owner of a Motorhome or Recriational Vehicle (RV), then you have the best deal of the lot. Owning an RV or MotorHome means that you are able to fit a whole range of products designed especially for your vehicle.

You do not have the restrictions of the Caravan or Narrowboat and can easily accomodate any of the Motorhome Satellite Systems that we offer.


Our Promise To You

We pride ourselves on being honest and always ready to listen to what YOU want.
We will NOT try to sell you something that you do not need.
If for any reason we are not able to help you we will ALWAYS point you in the direction of a company in your area who CAN help.
If you choose to purchase your equipment from The Satellite Warehouse, we will always be on hand to offer advice for installing or servicing

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